Exhibitions in Nitra are among our favorites, so we had to enter Mia again. At the time of the exhibitions, we had no idea that this would be our last meetings with cynologists this year. Mia showed herself in good shape again and got beautiful results. In addition to winning the breed, she managed to be shortlisted twice in the final competitions, which made us very happy.

17.09.2020 CAC,CACIB. Judge: T. Havelka

18.09.2020 CAC, CACIB, BOS. Judge: G. Ridarčíková

19.09.2020 CAC,CACIB, BOB, FCI 1 shortlisted. Judge: A. Polgár, V. Piskay

20.09.2020 CAC, CACIB,BOB, FCI 1 shortlisted. Judge: Ž. Lozic, A. Polgár