Elza Cortorea

DOB: 11.02.2014, SPKP 358
HD A ED 0 CTP/CTU/DM/MD negat.
Breeder: Andrea Chlíbcová, CZ

just simply our Elza, Eli, Elinka – she comes from  Czech kennel Cortorea, well known in long tradition of breeding landseer. Her origin is based on old German and Netherland lines like Petersberg, Nebelwald or Heidenberg.
Sie is massive and tall bitch with strong bones, robust head, dark eyes and correct placement of black spots. What makes our Elza unique is her wonderful character and ability to respond to the current situation – decent lady, careful babysitter, fearless guard, but first of all loyal friend – that´s our Elza.
Rodokmen Elza Cortorea


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