International FCI judge Group II.
Bernese Mountain Dog (045)
Entlebucher Mountain Dog (047)
Landseer (226)
Great Swiss Mountain Dog (058)

In 2009 I passed the exam and become a judge of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, and later of Landseers as well. Nowadays, already being an international FCI judge, I am extending my licence to breeds from the FCI Group 2.

After a five-year break, I accepted the challenge and since 2015, I have been the head of a group of Landseer supporters united in the Slovak Landseer Club. Organising dog shows, evaluations, litter inspections, attending international dog breeding symposia – all that has become a part of my life. And there’s still more.


Posudzovanie plemena Entlebušský salašný pes (047)


The October Post was pleased to me. After a successful examination done at Commision of Judges in August, the Presidium of SKJ was appointed me

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Danube Duo CACIB, Bratislava, 24.10.2015

Danube Duo CACIB, Bratislava

The international show in Bratislava has born the spirit of the conclusions from the international meeting of judges of Bernese Mountain Dogs. It was nice

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