June brought tropical days so we missed a few entries. We didn’t want to miss Tuesday’s Komárom mainly because of the quality of the judgies. Together with Alexandra and armed with “anti-prophylactic measures”, we sat in the car and took Oda and Mia for her first show. Both girls liked the judge very much and both won amazing awards. Oda has once again become the Best of Breed. Mia showed herself in final competitions very well and took home BIS Baby 3 !!! We thank to the judges very much for the nice words and the time they gave us. Although the reviews were not written, both gentlemen found space for us to thoroughly evaluate the dogs and say their opinion at least verbally. 

Arne Foss/NO – Odile vom Köllerhof – Ez1, HPJ, BOJ, BOB
Géczi Imre/HU – Ludas Matyi Szerelem – VP1, BIS BABY 3, Harsányi Péter/HU