After a longer break, I am in the rings again. It is a beautiful sunny day, my son is at home in bed with a fever and I’ve got 25 Bernese and 6 Great Swiss Mountain Dogs to judge. The line-up of owners and breeders is a bit different; some people are not familiar at all. I noticed right away that there was an obvious change in the shape of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I’ve had the opportunity to see longer Bernese dogs before (shorter limbs, longer loin region, noticeably angled hind legs) and today they’ve been in almost every class. The right shape is essential for preserving the original picture of the breed, that’s why I try to pick dogs that match the standard as much as possible.

BOB goes to a bitch from the Open class, Zina z Gemerskej Polomy, Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) is reserved for her half-brother Yogi Maco z Gemerskej Polomy. The Great Swiss have also found their BOB in the Open class – Sennenhund Rosii Inferno, imported from Russia.

Photo: CAJC Venyim Gyongye Huygens

Posudzovanie Zita Kerak Lukáčová