Dogs are a permanent part of our lives. A rescued cross-breed or a pedigree beauty? That’s not that important. There are always four paws and a pair of loyal eyes welcoming you at the gate to our house.

Ludas Matyi Szelerem

NitraDog 2020

The show season in Slovakia started with a great show in Nitra, where Oda and Mia continued their winning line. Regular training and work with Saška brings its results, just judge for yourself.

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Mia Nitra 24.01.2020

Junior Champion of Slovakia

Ludas Matyi Szerel „MIA“ became officially Junior Champion of Slovakia. We are really looking forward to this title, thanks to regular trainings with Saška, Mia

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Odile vom Köllerhof

Slovak Beauty Champion

Odile vom Köllerhof fulfilled all the necessary conditions at the show in Nitra and the Slovak Kennel Club awarded her the title of Slovak Beauty

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Slovene Beauty Champion

18 – 19. 01. 2020, Celje The show season 2020 starts in Celje, where we entered Odile. The result is perfect and after the weekend

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Ludas Matyi SZERELEM  „MIA“

Slovak Puppy Champion

International dog show took place in Bratislava at the end of October. Wee entered Mia, and she showed perfectly under the leadership of Alexandra all

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BIS 1 Best Puppy  World Meeting of Hungarian Pastoral Dogs, Komárom, 5.10.2019

BIS 1 Best Puppy

World Meeting of Hungarian Pastoral Dogs, Komárom, 5.10.2019 The Hungarian Kennel Club Organization strongly supports clubs that cover national breeds and for the first time,

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