Returning to the show rings after an unexpected break was fabulous! The first international dogshow after the release of security measures directed us to the country of origin of a small, fickle and brave puli breed. Our Mia – Ludas Matyi SZERELEM – has not yet had the opportunity to show herself in the junior class in Hungary, so we had the opportunity to show her to domestic breed specialists now. The results were amazing and our secret desires suddenly became a reality 😊 For both days, Mia became the Best  junior and female in the breed too, and won over an adult CACIB female. We humbly bowed our heads in front of the Best dog of the breed. He and Mia are not related only by the same kennel Ludas Matyi, but also by an amazing mother – the world winner Lujzi. The greatest success came in the final competitions. For both days, Mia got into the selection of the best young dogs at the show. On Saturday she finished in the TOP 6. On Sunday she fought with a statue and won the Reserve Junior BIS award!

CACIB Pápa, 20.06.2020
Junior class  Ex1, HPJ, BOJ, BOS Judge: Korósz András, HU
Finals TOP6 Junior BIS Judge: Dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna, HU

CACIB Pápa, 21.06.2020
Junior class Ex1, HPJ, BOJ, BOS Judge: Dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna, HU
Finals Reserve Junior BIS Judge: Denis Kuzelj, SL

We are so excited!