Danube Duo CACIB, Bratislava

Danube Duo CACIB, Bratislava, 24.10.2015

The international show in Bratislava has born the spirit of the conclusions from the international meeting of judges of Bernese Mountain Dogs. It was nice to see breeders realise that only a joint effort of both breeders and judges can manage the development of the breed within the right boundaries. Less overgroomed dogs and more […]

International BMD Judges Meeting, Helsinki

bmd judge commentary

There was an international meeting of judges of the Bernese Mountain Dogs taking place while I was lying in the hospital after gall bladder surgery. Never mind. What matters is that everything went well and I can at least read the reports from the meeting. I hope 2019 be able to make the trip in […]

NDS Lučenec, SK

Posudzovanie Zita Kerak Lukáčová

After a longer break, I am in the rings again. It is a beautiful sunny day, my son is at home in bed with a fever and I’ve got 25 Bernese and 6 Great Swiss Mountain Dogs to judge. The line-up of owners and breeders is a bit different; some people are not familiar at […]

ŠVP SKŠSP Veľký Meder, SK


The Autumn Specialty took place on the grounds of the beautiful Plauter Kúria Hotel in Veľký Meder. A large, flat grassy area with big rings together with ideal weather, they’re all signs of a nice day for a dog show. I judged male Bernese Mountain Dogs this time around. Having to judge classes full of […]

KVP SKŠSP, 29.5.2010, Varín, SK

Posudzovanie Zita Kerak Lukáčová

At the end of May, a traditional club show hosted by the Slovak Club of Swiss Mountain Dogs takes place. I judged Bernese bitches and Great Swiss Mountain dogs. Connie Haf z Jundrova, a bitch from the Open class, won Club Winner and Best of Breed (BOB). The beautiful Great Swiss Mountain dog, Akim Kings […]

KVP KŠSP Rožnov pod Radhoštem

Posudzovanie Zita Kerak Lukáčová

The club shows for Swiss Mountain Dogs are very popular and the number of registered dogs is usually rather interesting. I have judged Bernese Mountain Dogs – the Puppy and Very Youth classes. You could say it’s not much – that it’s not really about the titles in these classes. But after years in the […]