Dogs are a permanent part of our lives. A rescued cross-breed or a pedigree beauty? That’s not that important. There are always four paws and a pair of loyal eyes welcoming you at the gate to our house.
25 – 27. január 2019 CACIB NITRA

CACIB Nitra 2019

After careful consideration, we decided to establish a long-term cooperation with Alexandra Gasparova, who became Odas handler and helps us in grooming her. Training and

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Welcome Oda

Welcome Oda!

Máme nového člena našej štvornohej rodinky😊 Oda, oficiálne ODILE vom Köllerhof, k nám prišla s Nemecka. Tešíme sa z veselého šteniatka a veríme, že bude našou skvelou parťáčkou do

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Posudzovanie plemena Entlebušský salašný pes (047)


The October Post was pleased to me. After a successful examination done at Commision of Judges in August, the Presidium of SKJ was appointed me

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The autumn exhibition marathon is running in full swing and I have traveled to Slovenia in a beautiful place of world-famous lipica breeders. I took the

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Landseer breed kennel. We only attend dog shows after thorough consideration. That’s why you’re more likely to find us at home or walking outside on the weekends. We are happy to welcome each and every visitor – a virtual or a personal one.
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